Mr. Wasantha Liyanaarachchi is the Founder of Sri Lanka Rashmi Child Development Foundation. He has been engaged in the Humanitarian Charity Service for many years and also has a firm determination and enthusuasm to help the poor and disabled School Children who are suffering from poverty.
Sri Lanka is a developing country and there are many School Children who are suferring from poverty and no propper attention is paid to them by the relevant government authotities. Mr. Wasantha Liyanaarachchi who felt a great sympathy and sadness about such school children started this Rashmi Child Development Foundation with the sole objective of helping such poor school chikdren. Hw is a very senitive person with a humanity and he has a real commitment and dedication to help such poor School Children.
At the moment, The Sri Lanka Rashmi Child Development Foundation is running only with the kind assistance of local donors and We are going to expand our Humanitarian Charity Service in an islandwide manner so that we kindly request the International Donors to come forward to support this good work form which many poor school children could reap much benefit.
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