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More than half of Sri Lanka’s  school-aged children are not learning. The main reasons for this is the poverty and the negligence of their Parents. As a bad consequence, our future generation becomes more uneducated and the development of Sri Lanka would go to the lowest position. The Sri Lanka Rashmi Child Development Foundation is involved in taking immediate action to prevent this pathetic situation and make available a Stable Education System for all school children of Sri Lanka without any discrimination. 

Education saves lives, ensures that children gain the skills necessary to learn, provides protection, and builds peace and stability globally. The Sri Lanka Rashmi Child Development Foundation uses programmes that are proven to tackle the barriers to children’s learning, with a focus on the most deprived children. We influence even the Sri Lankan Government  to improve children’s access to quality education, from pre-school care through to adulthood. Specifically, we focus on the following  areas:

  • Start early: We will work with families and communities in the years leading up to school to improve child development outcomes and establish the foundations for learning.
  • Foundational learning: We will strengthen the quality of education so children in the early grades learn to read, write and use numbers in environments that promote their wellbeing.
  • Uninterrupted learning: We will ensure no child’s learning stops because they are caught up in crisis.

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Research shows that many children in a developing country like Sri Lanka struggle to learn to read. To address this, The Sri Lanka Rashmi Child Development Foundation has organized many valuable and relevant Programmes for the benefit of Children. We deliver education programmes to reach children who are missing out on school and conduct classes for all subjects for such  Children which are free of charge at our Foundation Building. We hope and trust that, the Children especially from the poor Families who are unable to participate in the private tuition classes can get a real consolation and relief because we shift this responsibility to some talented Teachers who are attached to our Foundation and like to work on a voluntary basis. 
We usually have good partnerships with other Humanitarian Charity Organizations and hold monthly meetings and discussions with them in order to provide a more efficient and satisfactory service to the needy school children of Sri Lanka . 



Many of Sri Lankan Children die before their fifth birthday, mostly from preventable causes such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria and sepsis. Most children become ill or die because they lack access to health services or an adequate, nutritious diet. In fact, undernutrition is estimated to contribute to 45% of all child deaths. We should have a true dedication to prevent our Children from this untimely deaths . The time to act is now.

Sri Lanka Rashmi Child Development Foundation pays a meticulous attention to improve the health condition of the Sri Lankan Children. . We use evidence-based approaches to tackle life-threatening conditions and prevent child deaths. We know, for example:

  • We conduct awareness programmes for Parents and enlighten them the importance of providing nutritious meals for Children.
  • We encourage the Parents to cultivate vegetables in their own lands so that they can have fresh vegetables and also they  are given the opportunity to save some money.
  • We select poorest Families through the Divisional Secretariat Offices and distribute Dry Retail Items Bag, sufficient for two or three weeks and repeat this method continuously.

The challenge is that these services are not reaching the children most in need. The Sri Lanka Rashmi Child Development Foundation  does whatever it takes. By reaching more children, especially the most deprived and marginalised, with a small set of life-saving interventions, we can save millions of lives every year.

Mother Mina, 19, holding her son in their village in Muladi Upazila, Barasil district, Bangladesh.


Mother Mina, 19, holding her son in their village in Muladi Upazila, Barasil district, Bangladesh.
In 2016, we supported the delivery of 6.5 million life-saving curative interventions among children under 5 years of age in 37 countries around the world. This included support for the treatment of 2.4 million cases of malaria, 1.6 million cases of pneumonia, 1.9 million cases of diarrhoea and 547,000 cases of acute malnutrition.
And we reached more than 282,000 children directly with clinical services in humanitarian settings – emergency contexts such as conflicts, natural disasters and outbreaks of disease.
Through Save the Children’s Every Last Child campaign, we work at national, regional and global levels to demand that more and better public funds are invested in children, with the aims of ending child marriage and strengthening governments’ existing commitments on child marriage and adolescent girls’ health, among other goals, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.
To read more about our health and nutrition work, download one of the following reports or visit ourresources page.

  • Don’t Push It – Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes report (February 2018)
  • Fighting for Breath – tackling childhood pneumonia report (November 2017)
  • Save the Children’s Annual Report 2016: Rising to the challenge
  • An unbearable reality: The impact of war and displacement on children’s mental health in Iraq
  • State of the World's Mothers Report 2015: The Urban Disadvantage
  • A common cause: Reaching every woman and child through universal health coverage
  • Unequal portions: Ending malnutrition for every last child
  • Ending
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